Heroism, Close and Personal

I’ve always thought everyday heroes are very compelling.

Lisa Sorensen

14 July 2015


I fell in love with a guy when I was 18.  In the forty years since, that love has wobbled and wavered, been tested in a 1,000 different ways, and felt as if it has broken apart completely at various times, breaking me apart along with it.  I’ve survived.  Our marriage has thrived.

Because I’ve seen my husband’s courage in reaching out in spite of his wounds.  Because of me hitting rock bottom only to realize there was still more that I needed to give.  Because of big and small acts of courage.

I think most of us are valiant and determined with our caring.

Hero— a person who,in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage or self-sacrifice for some greater good.    ~ Wiki

Acts of heroism are all around us.  I’m not just referring to the police…

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Touchstone – Being What We Are

Lisa Sorensen

10 July 2015


My eye is still twitching.  The work I’ve done around it, both physical and emotional, hasn’t made it go away.  I wish it had.  I wish that there was always a direct relationship between effort out and desired result.  Often, things don’t work that way.

But I think it’s our attitudes that matter most, regardless of outcomes.

Discussing our striving for perfection and our inevitable shortfalls, a friend reminded me of the importance of treating ourselves with kindness.  Of offering ourselves the same caring we would extend to a friend.  Talking about this naturally strengthened our commitments to compassion.  We extended giving and receiving within a relationship we both value.  As it turns out, I have been given so many gifts as a result of this relatively trivial annoyance and the host of things it brought up within me.

I’m moving on, eye twitch or no.  It’s the weekend.  I’m…

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Being What We Are

A really insightful blog

Lisa Sorensen

7 July 2015

Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. 

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

~ Leonard Cohen


It’s so tempting to want to be what we aren’t.  It’s easy to compare myself and feel inadequate.  Often, I resist what is because it doesn’t match my expectation or desire.

This week I’ve had a twitchy eye.  A snag of muscle energy is jerking the skin beneath my left eye.  I’ve tried massaging and pressure pointing it, icing it, stilling my thoughts and breathing into it.  It’s persisted, becoming tiring in the way that small, nearly insignificant things can somehow wear us down.

Worse is that the twitch embarrasses me.  I’ve loaded it with implications about myself, feeling like the spasm conveys I’m anxious, or out of control, possibly even shifty and untrustworthy.  That little yank of muscle is betraying me, exposing vulnerablity…

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Whistlin’ Dixie In the Land of Cotton


M, dotted letter, crooked letter, crooked letter, dotted letter, crooked letter, crooked letter, dotted letter, hump back, hump back, dotted letter.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in my blog that I’d hidden a clue in the post regarding my new home. The clue was this picture:

Photo courtesy Google Images Photo courtesy Google Images

The Magnolia State, home of the Rebels and the Bulldogs, birthplace of Elvis Aaron Presley (Tupelo, January 8, 1935), famous for the Natchez Trace and the Great River Road (Blues Highway), former home of Jefferson Davis, first and only president of the Southern Confederate States during the War Between the States (who, incidentally, despised war).

Photo courtesy Google Images Beauvoir – Jefferson Davis’s home. Photo courtesy Google Images

Why Mississippi you ask? Because my friends, after we decided that owing a bed & breakfast held a certain appeal to us, we started researching and Mississippi proved to be the state that afforded us the most bang for…

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Touchstone – Knowing it will end

This is so true about savoring memories

Lisa Sorensen

3 July 2015

thanks to Elijah for the photo!  and the memory! thanks to Elijah for the photo! and the memory!

It’s easy to acnoweldge the singularity of each life in a theoriteical way, but much harder for me to absorb this reality in a way that impacts how I live.   It’s easy to say, almost flippantly, you only live once.  It’s much harder for me to let this truth instruct me and guide the actions I take.  So, I am working to break carpe diem down in to individual days, each one unique, a one-time-only opportunity, and to let this perspective help inform my living, my decisions, the expansion of my heart.

It’s the last day of my week in the mountains with my family tribe.  More of what was once future has slid into the past, sands of time falling in their one irreverisble way.

There is a wisdom about how to appreciate the three tenses…

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Knowing it will end

Love this writer!

Lisa Sorensen

30 June 2015

Don’t bend; don’t water it down;  don’t try to make it logical;   don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion.  Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.                                                   ~Franz Kafka


Sunrise seeps into the dawn light, rose tints blushing slender streaks of clouds.  Bird song vibrates through the air, an osprey’s sharp, chatty call claiming territory in a new day.

I’m on vacation with family in the Sierras this week.  The rambling house is still quiet this morning, dreaming lingers, the few shifts of movement are shuffled with sleep.

I am among people that have known me since my first year of college, my husband’s family.  The richness of history collectively held by us all spills out at random moments…

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Meaningful Connection

Lisa Sorensen

16 June 2015

…What I loved as much as, possibly even more than, being seen was sharing the gaze.  Feeling connected.

~ Amanda Palmer, The Art of Asking


I yearn for meaningful connection.  To others.  To myself.

I want to be heard.  And I want to hear.  I want to know others deeply and be known in a like way.  Among the desires in my life, communion with others is a long term thread that winds and weaves through all my years.

I’m able to give voice to a lot of feelings.  I have amazing friends and family.  I ask questions and listen pretty well.  But still, I have so often stumbled and failed to create this kind of connection.   Because I have been too small, too timid.

Courage is required to step outside the walled garden of our hearts.  And to invite others into that fertile realm.

Just by seeing…

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